ROSI – Remotely Operated Suction Irrigation

Putting suction and irrigation control back in the hands of the surgeon.

8 MHz TQI Doppler System
8 MHz Trans-Q-Taneous (TQI) Intraoperative Doppler

The TQI Doppler System was developed for use by surgeons who have a need to interrogate vessels both transcutaneously and intraoperatively. This audio blood flow Doppler allows for real-time, intraoperative assessment of vessels in reconstructive, vascular and other surgical specialties.

20 MHz Microvascular Doppler System
20 MHz Microvascular
Doppler System

The VTI 20 MHz Microvascular Doppler System was specifically designed for use by surgeons who have a need to interrogate the microvascular vessels. This audio blood flow detector allows for real-time, intraoperative assessment of vessels in urology, neurosurgery and a wide variety of other surgical specialties.

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Our Company

At VTI, our goal is to design and manufacture the highest quality medical devices for healthcare professionals worldwide. We serve diverse medical specialty groups by focusing our efforts on exceptional customer service and on-site support, effective product education, superior quality, and affordability. The voice of our customers drives us to continuously innovate new product ideas and solutions. We dedicate our time and resources to improvements in patient care and safety, and celebrate the contributions of our employees towards these endeavors. VTI’s products are proudly manufactured in the U.S.A.

Our Products


All VTI devices are manufactured to the highest standards, and are designed to offer surgeons excellent reliability and performance.


VTI takes a fresh approach to each surgical procedure, seeking intelligent, practical ways to help surgeons provide the highest quality care.


For more than three decades, surgeons have achieved outstanding results with VTI devices. We offer some of the most trusted products used today.

Doppler Systems 

VTI offers a wide variety of Doppler systems and disposable Doppler probes that are utilized throughout many surgical specialties including: Vascular, Neurological, Reconstructive, UrologyRobotic Surgery and Gastrointestinal Endoscopy.

VTI Dopplers

Doppler Probes

VTI is a leader in surgical Doppler probes for surgeons who specialize in urologicvascularreconstructive, robotic, cardiovascular, neurological, or general procedures. Our probes are specifically designed for each surgical specialty, providing surgeons with the optimal Doppler solution for their needs.

VTI Doppler Probes

Suction Irrigation Products

Our Remotely Operated Suction Irrigation System (ROSI) is a major breakthrough in suction and irrigation technology that puts robotic surgeons in total control.


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